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– Our passion –

What we do

Solar power

Photovoltaic energy is becoming the renewable energy source of choice, especially in regions with high insolation such as Africa. GEON has developed, financed, engineered and constructed over 30 megawatts of grid-connected photovoltaic power plants around the world. Our expertise across the PV value chain ensures that we consistently deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions for our customers.

Storage solutions

A prerequisite for round the clock availability of green electricity is the capacity for storing energy. This is vital for achieving the climate targets in Europe: CO2-neutrality by 2050 (in the case of Germany, even by 2045).

As a project developer, GEON Group is focused on two strategies for the storage of large amounts of energy with quick charging and discharging cycles: 1. Large, megawatt-class battery arrays and 2. Production, transport, and Consumption of green hydrogen.

GEON Group deploys these these storage technologies in its own projects. Our experts can help you develop and implement the right storage strategy for your specific applications, too.

Consulting services

We advise our clients in finding and implementing transformation strategies in the field of energy. Our focus lies clearly on CO2-neutral energy production, storage, and deployment of readily available green energy.

Furthermore, building on our deep roots in automotive engineering design and development, we also provide strategic and management support for our customers in the automotive and industrial sectors, helping them to streamline the planning and implementation of their projects.

– About us –

Who we are

GEON is a multidisciplinary group of German companies dedicated to sustainable development in the field of solar energy and automotive engineering and development. Our team of photovoltaic experts and automotive technology innovators are committed to developing and implementing sustainable projects and technology around the globe.

– Our Philosophy –

Why we do it

Our vision of the future builds on sustainability. Whether clean energy harvested from the sun or environmentally friendly vehicles for the masses, our focus is on environmental, social and economic sustainability.

We work hard every day to facilitate the sourcing of local resources and local manpower while transferring valuable know-how to give people hope and empower them to shape their own future. Join us to make the world a brighter place. Together, we are stronger.