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What we do

Solar power

Photovoltaic energy is becoming the renewable energy source of choice, especially in regions with high insolation such as Africa. GEON has developed, financed, engineered and constructed over 30 megawatts of grid-connected photovoltaic power plants around the world. Our expertise across the PV value chain ensures that we consistently deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions for our customers.


More mobility, less impact. That is the aim of our e-mobility business unit. From clean and quiet electric vehicles to distributed charging solutions, we have the expertise and experience to turn the dream of clean mobility into reality. GEON is taking a lead in building up urban charging station networks using the world’s first single-phase inverter with an integrated e-charge controller. Progress through innovation.

LED street lighting

Illumination systems are an essential part of urban infrastructure. Well lit streets and public spaces provide safer traffic conditions, contribute to the sense of security in public spaces and highlight the architectural beauty of cities around the world. Modern LED technology and embedded intelligent control systems reduce energy consumption by as much as 80 %, while at the same time providing the backbone for Smart City implementations.

Sustainable housing

Quality housing can be surprisingly affordable when properly implemented. Our innovative and sustainable building technology together with our planning expertise allows us to facilitate the construction of housing using primarily raw materials that are locally sourced. Ultimately, our inclusive approach to housing development results in the transfer of key skills and technology, creation of valuable jobs and strengthening of local economic growth.

– About us –

Who we are

GEON is a multidisciplinary group of German companies dedicated to sustainable development in the fields of solar energy, e-mobility, LED public lighting and fast-track housing construction. Our team of photovoltaic experts, LED lighting specialists, construction technology innovators, architects, engineers and planners are committed to developing and implementing sustainable projects around the globe.

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– Our Philosophy –

Why we do it

Our vision of the future builds on sustainability. Whether clean energy harvested from the sun, electric vehicles for the masses, quality homes for all social classes or environmentally friendly public lighting systems with intelligent control systems to facilitate Smart Cites, our focus is on environmental, social and economic sustainability.

We work hard every day to facilitate the sourcing of local resources and local manpower while transferring valuable know-how to give people hope and empower them to shape their own future. Join us to make the world a brighter place. Together, we are stronger.